Ezekiah Grimme

Spiritual Leader of Lost Angels


The earliest records of Ezekiah Grimme are of his life as a preacher who lived in the town of Los Angeles before the Great Quake. In the wake of that terrible disaster Grimme and some of his congregation were some of the few to survive. Grimme lead his followers to the mainland. Caring for them in the aftermath of such destruction proved more difficult then surviving the quake itself. Supplies of fresh water and food were scarce and there was little to shelter the impoverished refugees from the harshness of the elements. Many of Grimme’s followers turned to cannibalism in order to survive. Grimme himself refused to do so and stated that God’s providence would eventually provide relief.

Grimme lead his band of followers to the location that would become the City of Lost Angels, a location chosen based on a dream sent to him by the Lord. To this day food is a rarity in the lands surrounding Lost Angels, but Grimme always has food available to those who worship at his church.


Ezekiah Grimme

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