Sinjin Jackson

Founder of The Opportunist


Sinjin Jackson exhibited a sharp mind from an early age when he grew up a slave on a cotton farm in Georgia. At the age of eight he was able to repair and maintain the plantations cotton gin. His parents knew that he deserved better. They smuggled him north via the underground railroad. Sinjin studied engineering in Boston, but his real love became journalism. After the discovery of Ghost Rock he headed West. He tinkers with Ghost Rock but what he really wants is to become a reporter for the Epitaph.

Sinjin Jackson started his own newspaper in New Opportunity, called The Opportunist. It prides itself on being the only independent newspaper of California.

Sinjin Jackson was murdered by Jarvis Schrute, aka The Scalper. His wife, Mercy Jackson, continues to run the newspaper.


Sinjin Jackson

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