Opportunity Knocks

Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan

Our Posse decided to follow the Tong Gang that had saved their lives. They led them on a crazy path of alleyways and double-backs and eventually ended up in a warehouse near the docks. They only had a moment to notice the cries for help from Icie below them before the floor fell out and they landed on the floor below. Outnumbered and surrounded by triads wielding crossbows, the Posse knew they were stuck.

The Triad boss sat before them and introduced himself as Lin Zexu. Lin had a history with Zane Sharkey. The last Zexu had seen of Zane was his bare backside as he fled his bedroom, with Zexu’s wife crying. Zexu yelled for his wizard, and a man dressed in purple robes appeared.

“I paid you a lot of money wizard, a lot of money to make sure Zane Sharky would die.”

“Oh he did my lord. I promise you. He is dead. My magic is very powerful.” replied the wizard. Zexu merely pointed, and the wizard followed his gaze until he met the smiling face of Zane Sharkey. “But… but… you’re dead! I saw it. You died!”

With a snap of Zexu’s fingers, the wizard was escorted out. The posse heard a muffled scream, and then a loud splash as something large hit the waters below them.

“Now”, said Zexu, “where is the deed?”, and one of his tongs came forward with the metal box. Zexu ordered him to open it, and the gang member triggered some kind of electrical trap. His body fell to the floor, and two objects fell out of the box: a small stone, and a ripped-out section of a book. Zexu briefly looked at them, and did not find what he was looking for.

“Where is it? Where is the deed? What have you done with it?”. When the posse said they didn’t have it, Zexu replied “You four are in a lot of trouble. Firing weapons in city limits is a big crime, and I have a lot of witnesses who will say that they saw you shooting at the Shan Fan triad today. Of course, I can make sure that doesn’t happen if you bring the deed to me before the next seven days is up.”

The posse agreed, and asked for their friend to be released. They took a look at the pages found in the box. It was a section of Hoyles Games about the game of Poker. Stuffed in the pages was an invitation to a Poker Tournament at Lake Bigler. The stone was a false eye of poor craftsmanship. The box itself had many small scratches on the inside.

The posse left and returned to the apartment above DeDelaro’s warehouse. They began their investigations by looking into places DeDelaro might have spent his time in Shan Fan, finding out what was important about the DeDelaro property, and locating information about the cherub branded glassware DeDelaro had at his lab.

Part of the posse tracked down a local brothel where DeDelaro visited, and met one of his regulars. She told them that she hadn’t seen Adrian DeDelaro in some time, but that he was planning on taking her away to Boston after completing some major investment.

Others went to city hall and found that the DeDelaro property was large, taking up a couple city blocks. It was also one of the most stable foundations in the city after the great quake. Further investigations found that a Union Blue representative was coming to town in seven days to meet with DeDelaro, and that this property was likely being considered for a train depot.

The final group was able to track down the Cherub mark to being from the Cherub Glassworks, located across the bay in old San Francisco. The posse regrouped before heading out, and they were ambushed by members of the Shan Fan triad led by Thin Noodles Ma. Thin Noodles told the posse that he could clear up all of their troubles if they brought him the deed. The posse thanked him for his offer, and prepared to leave for the Cherub Glassworks.

The posse found a boat driver who was willing to row them out to the Glassworks. He told them he’d wait for them off shore while he did some fishing. The posse approached the building as stealthily as they could, but it wasn’t that stealthy after all. From a second story window a blast of hot ghost fire rained down on them. The fire thrower was armored and under cover, making it difficult for the posse to get a shot off.

The posse entered the building and encountered hooded cultists, followers of Ezekiah Grime known as Guardian Angels. They attacked the posse with metal pipes that had molten glass at one end. On the upper floor they encountered more Guardian Angels, and Judge Iroh, an important civil servant of Shan Fan. Iroh was the armored fire thrower, and when it looked like he was surrounded, he jetted off in his jet pack. Viktor, with a series of amazing shots, managed to hit Iroh’s fuel tank causing him to spin out of control and crash on the other side of the bay, just outside of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Searching the glassworks, not much of the paperwork survived. But they were able to find a journal of Iroh suggesting he had been working with Grimme’s people and the mysterious “Mistress” that DeDelaro had also been working for. Iroh’s last entry said that he was looking forward to flying with his Mistress using his new jet pack.

Crazy Like a Foxglove

The Posse returned from the DeDelaro estate to the familiar town of New Opportunity. Fights were springing up between Union and Confederate scouts. Sheriff Redwood suggested that things were getting worse as Union Blue continued to move southward with it’s railroad. He said that once the transcontinental railroad reached California and it’s Ghost Rock that the Civil War was likely to start up again, and California would be right in the middle of it.

The Posse informed Sheriff Redwood that they would be leaving town for Shan Fan. He asked them to do him a favor. Ira Thorne, one of the Scalpers victims, was now insane. Redwood wasn’t equipped to deal with him, but there is a sanitarium south of Fort Lincoln run by a man named Habe who could deal with him. Icie decided that it wasn’t safe for her to be around Thorne, and left for Shan Fan on her own.

On the road to Habe’s Sanitarium, Cho was haunted by the ghost of a gunfighter. The gunfighter would whisper the names of every man Cho had killed – but for some reason didn’t mention the name Frank Granger. The ghostly gunfighter challenged Cho to a duel and lost. Where the gunfighter had been was found the remains of a deformed human, buried poor and shallow. Some investigation found the likely identity of the gunfighter, and as soon as her remains were buried Cho was no longer haunted.

The posse found Habe’s Sanitarium and began the process of dropping Ira Thorne off. Habe initially refused, but quickly changed his mind after speaking with his partner, Erasimus Finn. The Posse didn’t like the terms of the release, and protested. That’s when Habe’s attendants began to get forceful. The surgical scrubs fell off of one of them, revealing a patchwork of human bodies sewn together. The face of which was that of Junior, the man who had bested Zane Sharky and taken back his horse.

Habe fled upstairs and released the insane patients, while the Posse fought the patchwork creations. Some of the posse went down into the cellars where they encountered Erasimus Finn and his lightning gun. Others went upstairs and subdued Habe. In the cellar the posse found a laboratory working on dead bodies… dead bodies which the posse recognized as the Boyle brothers… dead bodies which were still moving.

Confronted with one of his worst fears, Viktor put a bullet in both of the Boyle brothers heads. Erasimus Finn was arrested by the Posse, and they were convinced that Habe was an honest man who made some poor choices.

That night, Zane Sharky fell asleep on watch and Erasimus Finn escaped.

A few days later the Posse made it to Shan Fan and they tracked down the DeDelaro property. It was an old warehouse for the DeDelaro company with an apartment upstairs. They investigated the apartment and stumbled upon a triad gang ransacking the place. One of the triads said, “I’ve got it. Cover me” and fled out the window with a lock box in his hands. The posse gave chase on rooftop and alleyway, but found themselves getting beat up badly by the strange fighting styles used by the gang members.

Facing a life-or-death situation, some of the Posse drew their guns and fired – full well knowing that firing a gun in the city limits of Shan Fan was a major crime. Possibly drawn by the gunfire, another group of triads from a different gang appeared and helped the posse escape with the lockbox.

The Opportunist: November 4, 1878


Letter to DeDalaro

Checking my notes, I realized that I failed to post this letter to the portal. This letter was found by Icie in the workshop of Adrian DeDelaro shortly before she lit the lab on fire.


Season One Complete

Just wanted to thank you all for playing my game and contributing to it as much as I did. I can’t wait for Season Two to begin, but I will enjoy the time off so that I can make more terrain pieces and flesh out the story beyond a simple outline.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Austin for not only providing a place for us to play, but also for feeding us dinner every time too. Hosting the game at my house would have been a huge challenge, so thank you for letting us use yours.

See you in two weeks, ready to slay more dragons.

A Letter Found in Weaverville

The following letter was found in the Weaver’s shop:



I trust your little band of cultists are doing well, gathering
the greedy souls for our masters return. I worry that by
harvesting their own your supply will soon run out.

My plans to free the Lord of Storms has succeeded. The
natives took their vengeance and broke the magic binding him.
The general was helpful in sending them weaponry. But his
agents have been unable to locate the temple. I don’t have
to stress the importance of finding it with you.

Thank you for the gifts, they are wonderful and will serve
me well. I trust you have received the book? Sister and I
felt it would be best to hide this in your remote village,
where it cannot be found. It’s discovery at this late hour
would risk our plans.

After you have finished playing with your food in
Weaverville you should come and join me. The people of
Shan Fan are overflowing with greed, and the local
magistrate is wrapped around my little finger.

DM Goofs, and Unfinished Work

I realized I made some goofs in closing out tonight’s session.

1: Everyone gets 3 experience points for tonight’s session.

2: For successfully ending the cult in weaverville, the posse is entitled to a legendary chip. If you recall, I do not use legendary chips. Instead I grant the posse a one-time power. Remind me when we start our next session and I will reveal it. You still haven’t used your last one, and there is only one session left!

3: Percival asked if anything was found at Lydia’s shop, and I said no. That was wrong. There was a letter found with important information which I will share later this week.

4: Minor plot point of no significance, but no one seemed to recall that Gavin Dorsey is a name you’ve heard before. No matter really, but look through the notes if you are curious.

5: If anyone is curious why Jasper was trying to lure Icie out, it was to substitute her for his sister in the sacrifice. Didn’t get revealed, but didn’t want to leave anyone confused as to what was going on.

Who has wounds left unhealed? Zane does, anyone else? I’ll work out the natural healing stuff online before our next session.

Investigation of Fort Lincoln: Epilogue II

The two figures stood at the hillside, the sun setting behind them. They could see the Ever Triumphant Trail in the valley below. The four heroes marching northward back to their home. The land seemed at peace. Birds were chirping a happy song.

“What do you think Dah-Keya? Is it over?” said the white man. He had lived with the tribe for many years and knew that the medicine man had a deeper understanding of the invisible world.

“For us, yes. The spirits are at rest and Coyote has returned to the earth. But it is not over for them. They will meet Coyote again, and he does not forget.”

“Maybe they should have kept the knife.”

“No. They will need a different weapon for what they will face.”


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