Ancient History

Mayan Empire

The Mayan Empire existed over a much larger region than archaeologists know of. Their empire extended as far north as Vancouver and as far south as Buenos Aires. The ancient Mayans worshipped seven primary gods, each representing an ideal of society. The seven ideals were Prosperity, Fertility, Justice, Beauty, Abundance, Loyalty and Competition. The seven gods worked in harmony with each other and the Mayan empire thrived.

The gods were not immortal. They aged like humans, albeit much slower. After three centuries, time began to affect the gods. The god of Beauty had the hardest time with this. Her visage was no longer flawless. It no longer upheld her ideal. She made a deal with dark forces to unlock the secret of eternal youth. The other gods wanted her secret, but she would not share it. She kept it to herself. Her ideal became a corrupted, dark mirror image of itself. Beauty became Pride.

Prosperity planned to use the other gods to get the secret from Pride. He was the second to become corrupted. Prosperity became Greed. He manipulated Fertility and Competition into tricking Pride. They became the third and fourth to be corrupted, as Lust and Envy. They sent the Lord of Storms to steal the secret from Pride while she was distracted. Once the secret was stolen, they decided to kill Pride so that the secret would be theirs alone.

Justice had been deeply in love with Beauty. On her death, his anger grew. He became the fifth to be corrupted. Justice became Wrath. He captured the Lord of Storms and kept him prisoner far to the north. He waged war on Lust and Envy. Not knowing that Greed was the power behind them, he borrowed gold from Greed to fund his war.

When Greed came to collect the debt, Wrath could not pay. So Greed offered all of Wrath’s fields to Abundance as a penalty. Abundance was the sixth to become corrupted. Abundance become Gluttony, and he fed upon all of Wraths fields.

Loyalty remained uninvolved in the war of the Gods. As the other gods had abandoned the rules and social contracts that had kept order, he abandoned the other gods. The corruption of the seven ideals was complete. Loyalty became Sloth.

With the loss of the seven ideals, the Mayan empire collapsed.

Incan Empire

The Incan Empire arose from the ashes of the Mayan Empire. Several of the gods were dead, and those who survived were still tainted by their own corruptions. Without the balance of the seven ideals the empire fell quickly. Another war of the Gods broke out, and this time only one was left standing.

Aztec Empire

Of the seven ideals of the Mayan Empire, only Greed remained. Greed had learned his lesson from the Incan Empire. He knew that the other ideals needed to be present. But he would not allow the other ideals to be as powerful or as important as himself. To demonstrate his dominance, Greed had a monument built to honor himself. A city made entirely of gold was constructed. It bankrupted the empire.

The Aztec Empire lasted significantly longer than the Incan Empire, but it never matched the glory of the Mayans. Greed remained all powerful.

Ancient History

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