New Opportunity Needs a Hero.

In the Northwest corner of the Free State of California, something special is growing. A brand new community, where men and women are judged by their deeds and not by the color of their skin, the color of their uniform or the religion they practice. Golden opportunities exist for anyone willing to work hard and accept their fellow man. People from all over the eight nations of America have heard that call and came knocking. Will you come knocking too?

Deadlands Reloaded is a Savage Worlds setting of Gunslingers, Shamans, Bandits, Martial Artists, Voodoo Mystics, Monster-Hunters, Holy Men and Mad Scientists. The year is 1878 and the Civil War still rages on. Canada has invaded Detroit. The Mormons have created their own nation, powered by the mysterious super-fuel known as Ghost Rock. The Sioux Nations have made a pact with dark forces to reclaim their lands. California has been shattered by a massive earthquake. The Four Horsemen walk the Earth, and some believe the end of days is near.

Opportunity Knocks

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