Opportunity Knocks

El Dorado

The Posse found a way to get ahead of the Union Blue train. Along a straight-away after a bend, the Posse had laid feed along the rail lines to get Cattle to block the line. Then they waited behind a blind for the train to slow down. The Union Blue train arrived, and blew it’s horn. Gunnery teams on top of the train fired at the cattle, and cleared the rails.

Zane, Viktor and Percival rode out behind the caboose, using it as cover so the gunnery teams wouldn’t see them. Zane was able to move to the train cleanly, but Viktor and Percival were not. Their horses stumbled, and the noises alerted the gunnery crews. Car-by-car the Posse advanced on the train. Icie and Cho were able to catch up and help take out Union Soldiers. Zane took a position on the caboose roof. Union Soldiers advanced and detached the caboose. With a running start, Zane jumped from the Caboose to the Freight car and landed on top of a Union Soldier.

The roof of the freight car opened up, and a Zeppelin lifted away. More cars were cut loose from the train, and General Custer taunted the Posse with threats that their rebellious acts would be in vain. That he would make it to El Dorado and bring an end to this Civil War and unify the United States of America.

A week later, the Posse arrived at the Devils Postpiles, the area that Barnabus Quint had identified as the location of the lost city of gold, El Dorado. The nearer they got to the Devils Postpiles, the worse the weather became. Thunder, lightning, rain and hail pelted them. They followed a pillar of ghost-smoke, and found the wreckage of Custers Zeppelin. Two bodies were found, one a Union Soldier and the other a hispanic man with a feathered headdress. The Posse recognized him as the man who was trapped in the ruins near Grizzly Bluff – Ququmatz, the God of Storms. No longer in his winged serpent form. The Posse correctly deduced that he had brought down Custers Zepplin, but why?

Muddy footprints led the Posse into the Sierra Nevadas. Above the storms, the weather was calm and beautiful. The trail became a road, going past terraced farms and eventually to a Pyramid made of Gold. The Posse waited for nightfall to approach. Signs of a battle between Union Soldiers and Aztec warriors lined the area outside the pyramid. Aztec warriors pounced from dug out holes and attacked. But the spear-wielding warriors were little match for hot lead.

A door at the top of the pyramid lead to a tunnel deep below. The posse entered a large chamber. A pool of molten gold in the center, surrounded a small island with an enormous crystal lens. Spiritual energies flowed through the lens and into the body of General Custer. His skin painted black, and dressed in feathers. The three witches surrounded him, casting a ritual. Six golden statues lined the walls.

The posse advanced and fired, trying to disrupt the ritual. Whenever they were aggressive near one of the statues, it came alive. Zane blasted one with his rifle, and the cavity revealed human bones. These weren’t statues, they were humans who were encased in molten gold! Two of the witches broke from the ritual, leaving their little sister to complete it. The snake witch shot snakes out which constricted our heroes and tried to pull them into the molten gold. The bat witch took flight and used her powerful sonic blasts to wear the heroes down.

Viktor teleported near Custer and attacked with the Sword of Laban, but the ritual was completed just before it. Custers body burned, and only his blackened bones remained. The God of Greed, Tetzocatipulca walked the earth again. Blue fire shot out of his skull and attacked Viktor. With one last rally, the Posse was able to clear a path for Viktor to strike a final blow on the God of Greed with the Sword of Laban. The souls of a thousand sinners poured out of Tetzocatilpoca. The golden statues fell into the molten gold. The crystal lens fell and crushed the snake witch. Stones falling from the ceiling knocked the bat witch into the molten metal. The earth shook, cracked and fell. Our heroes falling with it.

Lighting a lamp, the posse found a small crack which lead away. Their only way out was forward, deeper into the mountain. Through another crack they entered a larger chamber, with machined walls and train tracks laid down. At that moment a loud train whistle was heard, and the light of a train blinded our heroes…

To Be Continued



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