Darius Hellstromme

Predecessor of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs


Darius Hellstromme, Ph.D. was born in 1824 to poor London laborers. He went to work in his uncle’s factory and discovered his knack for ‘improving’ machinery there, and that uncle sent him to Sandhurst Military Academy. It was while Darius was at Sandhurst that he met his future wife, Vanessa. His uncle purchased him a commission in Her Majesty’s Royal Engineers and he was sent to the colony of India. During an uprising by Sikhs, his wife Vanessa was murdered.

The next few years saw Hellstromme removed from his post in the Royal Engineers and wandering the world, searching for a purpose. After the Great Quake revealed vast deposits of Ghost Rock he traveled to Salt Lake City to form Hellstromme Industries and the Wasatch Railroad.


Darius Hellstromme

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