Jarvis Schrute

Serial Killer known as "The Scalper"


Jarvis Schrute grew up in the Carolinas. During the early part of the civil war he served aboard a Confederate ship. The second time he saw combat his ship was sunk in rough seas. Most of his friends drowned. No amount of alcohol can keep the nightmares of that night away.

He deserted and headed west. He ended up in Eureka shortly before the Great Quake. Jarvis earns a living by making small wood carvings of fairies. His works could be found adorning businesses and homes alike around town, but none of them exist any more.

In 1873 Jarvis Schrute began a series of murders with an axe. He killed almost a dozen people that year and became known as The Scalper. His first victim was his one-time friend Sinjin Jackson. His final victim was Sheriff J.B. Truesdale. His crimes were discovered by his best friend, Benjamin Redwood, who led a posse to Schrutes cabin and killed him.


Jarvis Schrute

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