Long Ju Shen

Paper Mill Owner


The Eel River is narrow and twisting for most of it’s path. An unfortunate result of this is that full-sized logs cannot be transported. So trees are cut down to six foot lengths before being floated to the sawmill in New Opportunity. The local carpenters have adjusted to using boards of only six feet in length, but a large amount of waste pulp is generated.

Several years ago, Long Ju Shen left China to find opportunities in the new world. He was disappointed to find only laborer positions available. When the community of New Opportunity was built he immediately moved his family there. Using a machine he designed himself, and funded by David Buck, he developed a method of creating paper exclusively from this excess wood pulp. This new method made strong, quality paper for significantly less than traditional methods using cotton fibers. The Buck-Shen Papermill grew quickly, making Long Ju Shen and David Buck very wealthy. Today it, along with the sawmill and grain mill, drive most of the legal economy in town.

Long Ju Shen is paranoid of others stealing his methods and running him out of business. He has taken great lengths to protect his secrets. He only employs Chinese that he can trust, and forces them to live on-site.


Long Ju Shen

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